Radca prawny Poznań

The law firm

The law firm Kancelaria Adwokatów i Radców Prawnych Lipiński & Walczak Poznań was established by a legal advisor Maciej Lipiński and a barrister Michał Walczak.

The partners have known each other for many years and gained experience in the largest law firms in Wielkopolska region. They also jointly participated in numerous projects and eventually decided to work together.

The law firm Kancelaria Lipiński & Walczak Poznań rests on extensive knowledge and rich professional experience which allow the company to offer comprehensive legal services. Both the legal advisor, the barrister, as well as any lawyer working in our company is available for you at any given time and cases are run with the best protection of our clients' interests in mind. High effectiveness of our actions reflects the expertise and commitment of the whole team.

We prefer a modern lawyer's office model, where a lawyer, a legal advisor gives not only legal advice but also provides guidance in the business sphere.

The law firm is cooperating with other barristers and legal advisors who specialize in diverse legal areas.

The law firm is also actively collaborating with non-governmental institutions.