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Irrespective of the company size or form of activity every entrepreneur struggles with legal issues every day. That is why we are focused on providing help and giving advice on on-going management of economic activity and representing the entrepreneurs in courts and offices.

We think that a modern lawyer is responsible not only for providing on-going legal support, but should also give advice on running the business and bring different companies together in order to increase their business potential.

The benefit for the entrepreneur resulting from receiving on-going legal support is the fact that they can cost-effectively buy their own security and avoid expensive lawsuits that can last many years.

As an efficient team, we can guarantee that each contract and investment procedure will not pose a legal risk to our clients.

We offer services that provide top-quality comprehensive company support, including negotiating and drawing up agreements, court representation, conducting lawsuits, preparing structural and ownership changes.

The lawyers of our Law Firm also hold practical experience in labor-related issues.

Our services include preparation of labor-related documents, such as contracts of employment, non-competition agreements, managerial contracts and solving labor-related disputes (litigations).