Radca prawny Poznań

International criminal matters

We render professional services by criminal proceedings representation with special attention to international criminal proceedings.

Not many people know that each week from the UK alone a plane filled with Polish citizens arrives to Poland – the passengers being sent back according to the procedure of the European Arrest Warrant.

The clients do not always know that being convicted abroad, either within the EU or any other country in the world, does not have to mean serving a sentence away from family.

The employees at our Law Firm have extensive experience in dealing with cases related to international criminal proceedings.

The professionalism of legal support is secured by the cooperation between the lawyers from different countries. Our lawyers have had many successful cases as a result of which a convicted person was allowed to serve their sentence in Poland or, upon request, serve the sentence abroad.

In order to fulfill the objectives taken together with the client we use a variety of legal instruments, i.e. respite of a penalty, suspension of a penalty, conditional early release.

Our help in international criminal proceedings includes the procedure of European Arrest Warrant, extradition or accepting and referring judgments for enforcement.

As lawyers and entrepreneurs we know exactly that running a business is connected with the risk of liability under penal law provisions. On the other hand, there often are situations where the contractor working for an entrepreneur performs acts that meet the legal definition of a tort and, what is particularly important, there is a possibility to seek own rights cost-free in criminal proceedings.

Taking the above into consideration, our Law Firm offers representation service both as a defense and as a prosecution.