Radca prawny Poznań


Our Law Firm offers legal services which include running proceedings on granting public contracts at every stage of this procedure, i.e. from preparing documents required to initiate the proceeding to providing support in litigations. Our offer is made for both public entities obliged to adhere to the provisions of the Polish Public Procurement Law when making procurements, as well as for contractors who apply for winning a contract on the territory of Poland.

Our vast theoretical and practical experience in the public procurement sector enables us to provide professional and reliable support to contractors who often must struggle with massive problems connected with the specifications of the conditions of the procurement in order to submit appropriate offer.

Moreover, the knowledge gained by our team representing the ordering party, especially during investment proceedings subsidized by the EU budget, where the estimated values exceeded amounts of 5,000,000 EUR, allows us to provide reliable help also to those individuals that are not sure whether the tender significant to them has been opened properly and without any infringements.


We offer our services to tender participants acting as contractors in the scope of receiving a contract, ensuring professional support on each stage of tender procedure:


Professional preparation and conduct of tender procedure, legal counseling on each stage of granting a contract: