Radca prawny Poznań
maciej lipiński

Maciej Lipiński

Legal advisor

A legal advisor at the District Chamber of Legal Advisors in Poznań.

He specializes in economic, administrative and unfair competition law.

He also devotes a significant amount of his professional life to litigations.

For many years he has been working as a lawyer in the largest and most renowned law firms in Poznań.

michał walczak

Michał Walczak LL.M


A barrister at the District Bar Council in Poznań.

An expert in international criminal proceedings and unfair competition law, as well as competition and consumer protection law.

In the matter of national criminal law his main field of interest is focused around white-collar crimes.


konrad goździor

Konrad Goździor

Tax advisor

A certified tax advisor.

An expert in economic activity taxation, indirect taxes and international taxes.

He is also experienced in tax matters concerning mergers and takeovers, as well as in tax risk management.

agnieszka wiese

Agnieszka Wiese


A barrister at the District Bar Council in Poznań.

In our law firm she deals mainly with matters relating to family law, including matters relating to maintenance, regulation of contact with the child, divorces and separations and issues related to the division of assets.

małgorzata bielecka

Małgorzata Bielecka


A barrister at the District Bar Council in Warsaw.

An expert in criminal law, criminal law proceedings and penal fiscal law, including issues in the field of white collar crime.

paweł kozłowski

Paweł Kozłowski

IT Specialist

In our law firm he advises on the technical aspects of copyright protection for computer programs and data communications networks.