Unfair practices

Unfair business practices

One of the firm’s main specializations are matters of unfair competition. We advise in cases of employee sneaking, picking up clients and breaches of business secrets. We take legal action against a dishonest stealing employee know-how or customers. We support clients in solving all legal problems that may cause catastrophic consequences for the company, and often affect its existence.

We are preparing a set of documentation with appropriate preventive clauses. We develop comprehensive contracts and security policies in companies in this area. We show step by step directions of action in case of violation of the rules of unfair competition by competitors.

We advise on how to protect a business secret (know-how) and what steps to take if it is violated.

In addition, our law office helps in solving problems arising in the case of:

  • misleading the company designation by another entity,
  • false or fraudulent designation of geographical origin, or misleading the consumer to designate goods or services,
  • product imitation
  • impelling to terminate or not to perform the agreement,
  • slander or dishonest praising the entrepreneur,
  • obstructing market access, for example by dumped prices,
  • unfair or prohibited advertising,
  • organizing the avalanche sales system and conducting or organizing operations in the consortium system.

As the experience shows only few entrepreneurs are aware of the possibility of pursuing claims against dishonest competitors. Our knowledge in this area is based on many years of practice, running a separate blog on this topic and knowledge of the case law of Polish courts, as well as the European Court of Justice.