We serve individual and business clients. Each cooperation is preceded by a thorough analysis of the case, thanks to which we can precisely determine what actions will be best for the client in a given situation. We devote as much time as necessary to each of the legal problems entrusted to us. Out-of-the-box approach. We believe that only individualized solutions will bring long-term and satisfying results.

Experience has taught us that respect, mutual trust and commitment to the case are key to a lawyer-client relationship. We treat our clients in a partnership way, based on the feeling that we are a team. Thanks to this, we've been successfully building committed relationships for years and enjoying long-term and successful cooperation. If our approach is close to you, please contact us.

Business customer

The law firm offers consulting services in the field of comprehensive legal services for business entities.

We offer clients practical solutions tailored to the business profile and optimal from a business point of view.  We focus on quality, timely delivery of orders and professionalism.

We have experience in servicing international and Polish companies with foreign capital.

We provide services as part of permanent legal services, as well as accept orders of incidental cases, both in court disputes and before administrative bodies.

Individual customer

The Law Firm offers comprehensive legal assistance in cases from various areas of law.

In addition to our specializations in the field of unfair competition law and international criminal law, thanks to our knowledge of the law and experience gained, we are able to help in any criminal, civil, compensation or copyright case.

Our clients can always count on an individual approach and 100% commitment. We believe that a good lawyer must show not only effectiveness, but also understanding and empathy.

We regularly inform each of our clients about the course of the legal problem entrusted to us. We consult all decisions beforehand with the client so that he or she has a feeling that has an impact on the final result.