Terms and conditions | Lipiński-Walczak

Terms and conditions

Our law office has transparent operating principles, namely:

  • handling cases with due diligence, in a matter-of-fact and reliable manner,
  • compliance with the principles of professional ethics (Code of Ethics for Legal Advisors and the Code of Bar Ethics);
  • possession of civil liability insurance for damage caused in the exercise of the profession;

The scope of liability insurance available for inspection:

  • legal advisor Maciej Lipiński;
  • lawyer Michał Walczak;
  • compliance with the obligation of professional secrecy;
  • direct contact of a legal advisor with a client;
  • individual approach to each case;
  • tailoring to the client’s needs taking into account his economic interests;
  • providing legal advice in a manner understandable to the recipient;
  • continuous improvement of professional qualifications;
  • tracking changes in law on an ongoing basis.